Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shrimp still going strong!

Area 7 West is still a great area for shrimp and I have heard a lot of success stories. Make sure you have the right gear and check the regulations, but get out there and enjoy the beauty and the bounty.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's Official! Fishing Will be Open!

We have an opportunity to get out on the water and regardless of what some may say we can use fishing as an excuse.
As a fisherman of over 60 years in the San Juans, I have seen ups and downs in Salmon Seasons.
When I was younger I was very competitive when it came to fishing. After taking my wife and kids along almost every weekend for five or six years my wife pointed out an observation that really changed the way I enjoy the water. She said, "I've noticed that most of the fish you catch are caught before 10AM in the morning. So, Why don't we fish until 10AM then go explore the islands and beaches with the kids and we will ALL have fun?"
It changed the way we spent time on the water and she was right we all had a lot more fun, caught just as many fish and made good memories.
Don't let life pass you by with the great natural beauty that we have to enjoy. Fishing, by itself, is not profitable, but when you learn to relax and enjoy the beauty it is very profitable for the body and soul.
Have fun this summer!