Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Best Winter Vacation

The Best Vacation we've ever taken was a two week stay on Crooked Island, Bahamas. You may think that you need shopping and lots of people and party activity on a vacation, but I bet you would change your whole outlook on life if you spent 2 weeks on the family Island of Crooked Island and you will have plenty of Sun and Sand and almost all to yourself. You will become a part of the family in no time and the food is great. If you like seafood you won't be dissappointed. Great Family style meals. When you take a 4 mile walk on the beach you most likely won't see any other footprints and if you like to fish you will find plenty of action. To the crew of Village Bonefish Lodge; Thank you for the great food and Fishing trips.

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JD Jim DeGolier said...

Last month there was a devastating hurricane on Crooked Island. The residents there are all very grateful for sparing lives, but their homes and businesses there were almost all destroyed. they are very resilient people and are rebuilding with whatever they can get their hands on. Consider donating materials or time..