Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Close is near! But a New season is coming!

Salmon Fishing in the San Juans (Area 7) is just about to close for a short time.
The upside is that fishing reopens December 1, 2016 for Blackmouth (Chinook).
Minimum size will be 22" and they must be marked fish (clipped fin) to keep them.
Release all native fish. Please use the proper release methods.

The fishing should be good. there are signs that we have anchovies in the area right now so this should bring a lot of salmon following behind.
My brother and I were fishing for silvers (Coho) last weekend and one of the fish we caught had a large anchovy in its throat. It was a fresh unmarked anchovy so it wasn't someone else's bait and there weren't many other boats around either.

This should be a good Blackmouth season. I always get excited about Blackmouth, because I think it's the best fishing of the year. Generally, you don't have to go as far or fish as long to catch fish.

Have fun and be safe.

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